A Broken Dream

Dedicated to Miranda Blatz
July 27, 2003

A Broken Dream

On one strange occasion,
Far away from home,
Dealing with frustration,
I was all alone.

One can never know
How that feeling clings.
When you're full of woe,
It destroys all things.

Badly was I missing
Friends and family,
And my own language
Alien seemed to me.

Being so trustful,
Little did I know
Of a big disaster
On my fate's threshold.

On a sunny morning
When I walked to class,
A cute girl appeared,
Like a fragile glass.

Onward from that moment
My life was a dream:
She had made me happy,
Like no one ever will.

All was simply perfect
But one petty thing —
I could not foreknow
What ill will might bring.

All her friends were jealous
That she was content.
And they thought up how
They would make it end.

Then the rumour had it
That I'd punched her pal.
And, in desperation,
She bade me farewell.

Never had I known
Such a grief before,
I did not deserve it!
I don't need this war!

What is left to bear?
I just cannot see.
Is it good or bad luck
That she's rid of me?

I need get an answer.
I shall wait no more!
Please, Miranda, tell me,
What was that all for?