Trapped & Doomed

Dealing with Hypocrisy & Superficiality
October 8, 2004

Trapped & Doomed

Trudging along the darkened paths,
     Through mist and fog...
          And choppy waters, buried in oblivion.

Perceiving not reality... Alas!
     Stumbling on man-made snags,
          Bushes and boughs — entering delirium.

Forgetting of this universe's past,
     Neglecting the authentic truth
          And acting like an odious chameleon.

This dreadful feeling will not pass —
     Increasing only...
          Compassion is concealed at the aphelion.

Background Story

University life wasn't easy by any means. It was my sophomore year at the University of Manitoba, and I should've been used to this, but I wasn't. My youngest brother had been murdered right before I started university, and I spent most of my first university year in isolation, studying my textbooks. As a result, I hadn't been exposed to the drunkenness, depravity and superficiality of the people around me. At least, that's how they seemed to me at the time.

Having come from a small isolated town, which anyone from Canada would call a trip back in time, I had still had very strong moral values, and the constant lewdness and ribaldry was too much for me to deal with. This poem reflects those thoughts and gives a glimpse of what I was going through. Like an "odious chameleon", I felt I had to give in to the values of the majority and accept this world, of which I wanted no part, and there was no one to support me in my struggle. My sophomore year was my third year in Canada, but it was then that I finally had my first culture shock... and it was devastating.