A Reflection on a Quarrel with My Brother
June 23, 2006


Realization doesn't come invited...
It doesn't like to knock or ring the bell,
It doesn't smile or become excited,
It doesn't ask you if you fare well.

Realization doesn't come inspired...
It won't sing or dance to raise you up,
It won't be remembered or admired,
It won't fill anew your empty cup.

Realization doesn't come desired...
It will resist and try to slip away,
It will deceive and lead into a mire,
It will deride, belittle, mock and flay.

Realization doesn't come expected...
It comes to hurt, discourage and dismay,
It comes to crush and make you feel dejected,
It comes to wreck and leave you to decay.

Realization doesn't bring you rapture...
It doesn't show feeling or good will.
It wants to lure you, then attack and capture...
It should be left untroubled when it's still.