Savannah's ABC's

On Savannah Plenar's 23rd Birthday
June 9, 2011

Savannah's ABC's

Who could proclaim it isn't hard
To speak the matters of the heart?
Rejection's always on the plate;
Doubt and fear will not abate.

But "nothing ventured, nothing gained",
And, thus, my goal is ascertained:
I must attempt to conquer fright
To make amends and set things right.

May rhyme and rhythm be my aides
In my endeavour to create
This birthday poem for you
Where every word is meant and true.

Each letter will be giv'n a chance
To make its own final stance.
Each word will try to reinstate
The love we'd managed to create.

"Adorable" is where I'll start:
The trait that sets you far apart
From other girls in this milieu —
The quality that makes you you!

"Benevolent" will follow second —
On your kind words I always reckoned.
Your heart is worn upon your sleeve:
Your friendship's easy to achieve.

"Cute" as a button came in third —
Neglecting it would be absurd.
Your eyes and smile are so sweet...
Without them, I'm incomplete.

"Delightful" must be mentioned fourth —
Good cheer and laughter you bring forth.
You're always fun to be around
With jokes and silliness abound.

"Enchanting" fifth is on my list,
But, frankly, I cannot resist
Your pleasing manner and allure,
Your charms, so subtle and demure.

"Friendly" will be number six,
As you could probably predict.
Your happy smiles are contagious,
Your friendly nature — advantageous.

"Graceful" should be number seven,
Which I will call "the seventh heaven",
Because your movements, poised and gentle,
Appear as if transcendental.

"Happy" has been numbered eight,
As is the day of our first date.
Do you remember when we met?
For August 8th the date was set.

"Irresistible" you are June 9th:
The day when you were brought to life!
Oh, wait... Your birthday is today!
I pray it is a lovely day!

"Joyful" will be known as tenth —
I hope I have you in suspense.
Your joyful attitude is charming,
Your conduct — soothing and disarming.

"Kind" is your eleventh feature —
This makes you an exquisite creature.
You're always buying gifts for friends,
You're generous to bitter ends.

"Loveable" is twelfth in order,
But, truth be told, I must reorder:
Your mere sight inspires yearning
And gives a sweet sense of belonging.

"Melodious" is deemed thirteenth:
The very first of all the "teens".
This stanza is about your voice,
In which I falter and rejoice.

"Nice" is fourteenth but no less vital:
It is a very special title!
You'd tell me often you were nice,
And you were right I've realized.

"Original" fifteenth came out.
Your artistry is great, no doubt.
Your works of art always amaze —
They're worthy of the highest praise.

"Playful" will sixteenth be called —
But there's a story to be told.
For now, though, I'll say with ease:
Sometimes you can be quite a tease!

"Quirky" seventeenth was numbered.
I'm glad it "playful" outnumbered.
Although playfulness has won,
Quirkiness is no less fun!

"Romantic" came up as eighteen —
A crucial number for a teen...
Romance, the keeper of love gates,
Is one of your most valued traits.

"Savvy" is nineteenth presumed,
Just as the name that you assumed.
Your savvy shows in many ways...
But I'm already out of space.

"Ticklish" will be twenty even.
Or at least that's what I believe in.
For a lack of proper things to say...
What do you think of the bouquet?

"Unique" has twenty-first appeared,
Don't you think that's kind of weird?
It should've been the first to come:
"Unique" means "one" — now I feel dumb.

"Vivacious" twenty-second is,
This quality I couldn't miss.
Your zest for life must be admired:
This skill is not by all acquired.

"Witty" twenty-third will be,
Just as your age is twenty-three!
Thus, only three letters remain
Before we have to start again.

"Xenophilous" must be twenty-four,
But this brings puzzlement galore.
You should find out what that means —
New words and knowledge are cool beans!

"Youthful" at twenty-five you'll stay,
And wonderful will be each day.
Each moment that you live on earth
Will bring you happiness and mirth.

"Zealous" is numbered twenty-six:
The end of rhyme this verse depicts.
But I must say there's much more
Than these few lines allowed for...

I trust you're properly amused —
There are no letters left to use!
Time for this birthday rhyme to cease:
This marks the end of ABC's.

I hope these lines will melt your heart
And make you see we're just one part
Of the grand tapestry of love,
Bestowed on us from above.

Recall the beauty love imparts,
Then look into your heart of hearts
And grant forgiveness and forget
The little things you may regret.

Think of the books by Nicholas Sparks
Where people fight for love like sharks.
I, too, am fighting for a chance
To be in love and find romance.

Let's rediscover what we left —
Without you I feel bereft.
We were together so long...
Together you and I belong.

Retracing life is hard, I know.
But I just ought to be your beau!
So, have some courage and believe
The wondrous love we can achieve!

On every girl your face I see,
Each smile yours appears to be.
I cannot date or love another,
Without you, I'd perish rather.

I realize my chance is slim,
But I don't say this on a whim:
I will regret not fighting more
Than you rejecting me once more.

I've told you now all I can —
I place my heart into your hand.
The rest of it is up to you:
Will you be mine, or are we through?

There is but one last thing to say:
Enjoy your birthday! It's your day!
I wish you happiness and laughter
Today, tomorrow and thereafter!