Fair Maiden

Dedicated to Amanda Gerbrandt
November 27, 2003

Fair Maiden

In this vast world there is a place,
Somewhere far away in space,
In which there is no pain and grief,
And happiness — beyond belief.

No one on earth has got a clue
That reveries sometimes come true:
It happens only once a year
When Fair Maiden wanders there.

She comes on sudden gusts of wind,
Her gorgeous eyes give off a glint.
That perfect place is Her realm,
Derived from Her alluring charm.

Her pace is glamorous and gracious,
And voice shifts worries to elations.
She smiles with a blissful sparkle.
Her comely face will never darkle.

She goes 'round through the mazes
In the green world of many hazes.
She heartens people who despair
And grants them happiness to spare.

That place is an exotic garden,
In which the flowers will gladden.
The rainbow grins for all to show
That that's a splendid place to know.

The very air's fresh and pure
And works on people as a cure.
There is no room for a disease,
For wonders there never cease.

No sadness or depression dwells
When Fair Maiden casts Her spells.
She bids the timid sun to beam
If ever it should stop to gleam.

She rules the waters of the seas,
Bestows leaves upon the trees.
She makes the stars at night-time glow,
Enables flowers to grow.

She sets all persons wholly free
To live a perfect life with glee.
There is no hurt, or ache, or kill —
No thing is short of Her good will.

When Fair Maiden comes to Earth
She causes a renewal's birth.
Exhilarated all become,
Awaiting a new life to come.

She is more powerful than Venus
When solving life's most puzzling rebus.
She fears not pugnacious Mars,
Who tries to thwart Her from the stars.

Her purpose is to bring contentment
To everyone who was tormented.
She swells exultance from high up,
Joyfully spilling Sacred Cup.

She is perfection — not a flaw,
And everyone obeys Her law.
She walks so lightly, like a cloud...
What better person could be found?