Poetical Inspiration

A silent door to a human soul, where thought and muse together rule.


Inspiration can find its way into a person's soul at the most unusual times and for many peculiar reasons. But when it hits, words obliviously start appearing on a page, shaping one's deep inner thoughts into a whirlpool of emotional imagery.

Poetry is a wonderful way to express one's feelings, deal with tragedies, face one's fears and find closure for upsetting events. It is also a very romantic way to profess love.


Sadly, the art of poetry is slowly dying away. Our lives are too fast to sit back and enjoy the wonder of a rhyme. Worse yet is the gender bias associated with writing poetry in a macho society, which discourages many potential wordsmiths.

For me, poetry is a means of self-reflection, a gateway into a sanctuary of the mind, a creative outlet for my soul to produce something thought-provoking, beautiful and inspirational.


Poems, not unlike drawings, contain hidden meanings and parables, and, to understand them fully, the reader must familiarize oneself with the events of the author's life surrounding a poem. That is where the background stories will become indispensable.

Thank you for taking the time to read my works of art, and, by all means, please let me know what you think of them. And if you'd like to share any of your poetic creations with me, I will be more than happy to immerse myself into your life and share in your joy.