My Dearest Beloved

Dedicated to Jodi Durham on the Tenth Day of Our Relationship
July 25, 2005

My Dearest Beloved

I must confess to you today,
My dearest beloved,
How much and long true love before
I used to lack and covet.

I always wanted so much
To find a girl like you,
But never dared to believe
That wish would e'er come true.

I never thought that I would meet
The angel from a dream,
But when I saw your gorgeous eyes
My soul could not but beam.

I'll never stop to praise the Lord
For making you exist.
He's made you beautiful, yet kind —
Your charm I can't resist.

You make me always shine with glee,
No matter what I do.
My life is meaningful and fun
And all because of you!

The words cannot express enough
How much I treasure you.
I want the whole world to see
My endless love for you.

There is no second Jodi Girl,
Could not and will not be...
I am so happy and amazed
That you can be with me!